Oct 23, 2017

Blake Lively

So it's Monday and you're probably back to work and don't even have time to check out these pictures of Blake Lively...

But if you got a little extra time, click HERE for more

Oct 22, 2017

Chyler Leigh

Chyler Leigh put in her time on "Grey's Anatomy" as the lead character's sister. Now she's on "Supergirl"... as the lead character's sister.

She's also right HERE if you want more pictures of her

Oct 21, 2017

Gigi Hadid

Y'all seem to like Jessica Chastain in yellow. How about model Gigi Hadid...?

You can see more of this 5'10" 22-year-old right HERE

Oct 20, 2017

Priyanka Chopra

I've talked enough about Priyanka Chopra ("Quantico") in the past, so I'll just shut up so you can enjoy the pics.

Enjoy more right HERE

Oct 19, 2017

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain wore these yellow Louboutins back in a post I made on April 2 and she must have heard you guys liked them, so here they are again.

And HERE is even more